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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello. I'm new here.

I just registered to say that I'm deeply troubled and concerned by what I have seen in DS9.

I'm not sure that DS9 is good for our children. I'm afraid it might even endanger the very foundations of our western civilization. I don't mean any offence, but there are some serious problems here I'm afraid you people haven't noticed.

1) Everyone's skeptical and dismissing towards authority.

And authority is often shown as corrupt or as a tool of the few to extend their basic comforts on the blood and sweat of others. Sometimes it even hints that the good guys might not be right!

Everyone that I know agrees with me that this might put dangerous ideas in young minds. There's a reason why authority is authority. It's because it is wiser and thinks for us. But Sisko and the crew always undermine Starfleet and take the arrogance to act like they know better. But we are not supposed to know better.

I would be very scared if I didn't know that my goverment is always on the side of good, but DS9 suggests that governments have self-interests. Sometimes the self-interest of only the ones in power, who have self-delusional nationalist fantasies they want to realize despite the interest of their people.

Imagine what might happen if we would think with our own heads. There will be anarchy and chaos! All those protests and riots! It's just not right.

2) A criminal is active in criminal business and is still portrayed as a hero.

It teaches our children that you can do bad things but still be considered good. And that is wrong. Stealing and smuggling are wrong. Back in the old days when people were more proper, we used to cut their hands off. DS9 sanctifies crime!There's already too much crime in our world. Why encourage more?

3) Strong female characters. Also terrorists.

It has been continously hinted that a certain female character has *actually* killed people in her past!

This gives all sorts of wrong ideas to our girls and young women. Everyone who is proper and moral knows that a woman is a tender and shy being who should abhor all violence! It's the manfolk who are by nature violent and it's a womans role to take care of them and their homes, while the men are out killing other men.

But a women killing men is just wrong. Why, good heavens, this might even lead to homosexuality!

And she was a terrorist!

4) Suspicious male relationships

I always feel a strange sensation whenever Garak and Bashir are on screen. I'm afraid there's too much of feminine tone in the way Garak says "Doctor."

Men should not dine together and leave each other with suspicious ambiguous feelings that make the mind think all sorts of peculiar thoughts.

Men should grunt and drink beer and have no touchy-feelies with each other.

5) Black guy as a lead.

I mean, come on - everyone knows that you only put white people as leads in TV.

I'm not a racist, I once saw a black person and I didn't even call the police! Well, not immediately anyway. But I'm afraid that in this politically correct climate we are forgetting that in 99.9% of our TV we always have white leads. Why should DS9 be different? Because it's a rebel show that intentionally wants to corrupt the minds of our younglings?

Black people are only given safe shows like The Cosby Show or any other where their just funny, because it is impossible to take them seriously in dramatic roles anyway.

And everyone knows that it was the white people that civilized the world and created modern civilization, because white people are by nature more advanced and decent. Other people just had sex, while we repressed this animalistic side of us and became more moral and invented industrialism and capitalism that has made the modern world such a wonderful place to live in.

Portraying a black man in space as an intelligent and loving man, who treats others with respect, speaks proper english and is politically in charge - it's just not proper, I'm afraid.

It's a disrespect against white people and their service to the world.

A proper and moral DS9 should have had a white, moral and decent guy, a prime in every aspect as a lead. Actually everyone should be white. Except for the aliens perhaps. And the women characters are in their rooms all the time. Or in the kitchen. And they should not speak too much.

And every episode should be about the superiority of human culture, with each episode portraying a moral fault in alien civilizations, and then the white guy would deliver a speech about how wrong it is and then everyone would learn their lesson and stop doing bad things and accept human culture and reject their own.

And none of that Starfleet is not good thing please. We have to have someone to root for.

But the way DS9 is, it is just immoral. It teaches our children to be government-hating, lesbian, man-killing, drug-smuggling, terrorist ebonic-speaking thugs! And Jesus would not approve, I'm afraid.
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