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Re: New FREE fan-created Star Trek TOS game available now!

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REGARDING POSTER ABOVE (Linux, etc): This is a limitation of the Torque 3D engine. It can be built for Windows or MAC (performance on MAC is terrible right now though so we will wait for an engine update from Torque before trying to release a MAC version), and other export modules can be purchased to go to xBox, PS3, etc. We are currently awaiting the launch of Torque 3D for the iPhone, when we will be able to fly the shuttle around on iPod Touch or iPhone. But as for Linux distribution or other OS it is not something I see anywhere in Torque's repertoire. Sorry
Ah, well, such is life. However, the fact that Torque apparently has an OS X version (however crude) means that there's some possibility in the future. OS X and Linux, both being UNIX-y under the hood, can share a code base if the developers so desire. Whether Torque has done so or not is another story.

I hope Torque decides to get into Linux for Android devices. It'd be cool to fly around the ship on my Droid.

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