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Re: New FREE fan-created Star Trek TOS game available now!

^, Yes, what he said

I realize I placed this in 3 topics today, and apologize for the over-eagerness. It's just that we are trying to get the word out as much as possible, just to get people to download and try out the game.

It's all free, no strings attached, our website does not even have any advertising. We're just trying to get this out there for people to enjoy, and maybe get some feedback to see how it's received.

Yes, we had set out to create the TOS Enterprise in 3D, and be able to walk around inside it. We succeeded using the Torque 3D engine and just kept going with it. We do have the entire ship complete, all 24 decks, you can go anywhere, it's really something. However the performance is slow as we have not yet broken the decks up in to suitable "zones" to optimize the experience. Hence the playable demo only having the bridge and the shuttlebay, but all sorts of fun things to do in-flight.

When the full ship is able to be loaded with little performance loss, we will be posting free downloadable updates to the demo in our members area. So you will all be able to actually walk from the bridge to deck 24 if you want to, for the first time ever.

Again, completely FREEWARE, no ads or spyware or anything. Created by fans for fans. If CBS were to come calling and be interested, well then maybe things would change, but for now it's a give-away project.

Cheers, enjoy the game and let us know your thoughts.


REGARDING POSTER ABOVE (Linux, etc): This is a limitation of the Torque 3D engine. It can be built for Windows or MAC (performance on MAC is terrible right now though so we will wait for an engine update from Torque before trying to release a MAC version), and other export modules can be purchased to go to xBox, PS3, etc. We are currently awaiting the launch of Torque 3D for the iPhone, when we will be able to fly the shuttle around on iPod Touch or iPhone. But as for Linux distribution or other OS it is not something I see anywhere in Torque's repertoire. Sorry

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