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Re: New FREE fan-created Star Trek TOS game available now!

Actually, looking at the Web site, I think this may have originated with one of a TrekBBS member's attempt to create a 3D CGI TOS Enterprise. If so, this may be less an attempt at spam an more over-eagerness.

In any case, the project is about to discover if the app runs under Wine on Lucid ...


Nope, no luck:

HTML Code:
<pre>[wrstone@jefferson ../Program Files/NCC1701]$ wine NCC1701.exe 
err:module:import_dll Library X3DAudio1_6.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Program Files\\NCC1701\\NCC1701.dll") not found</pre>
If the project would like a wee bit of advice: drop DirectX in favor of OpenGL. I know there are reasons that they like DirectX, but it's not very portable.

Think with future portability in mind: nobody expects a Linux version right out of the gate (though it would be cool if there was). Some day you may want to port to OSX, Ububtu, Android, other Linux derivitives ... if you base it all on OpenGL now, it leaves you options for porting to other platforms. DirectX will always and forever be Windows.

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