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Re: The Secret Life of an American Teenager = Worst Show Ever?

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I understand that the main character obviously has to talk about the sex, that's a duh, but there wasn't a single moment in the show that didn't!
Anyone notice that not a one of these kids actually seems to be focused on their lives or future? When I was 15, a lot of my classmates (and myself) loved to talk about ideas we had for where we wanted to go to college, what careers we wanted, etc. These kids? Well, I seem to remember some passing references Grace has made about going to medical school, but otherwise if it's not about who's having sex with who or who's having a baby, no one cares.

Ben is the worst offender. His entire purpose on the show now is to pine obsessively over Amy. We've never even been given reason for why he's so in love with her, other than that she's the first girl he decided to ask out on a whim (at the time because he just wanted to have sex anyway). But seriously, he's not funny or sad anymore. He's gotten completely creepy at this point. If I knew a guy who was like that in real life, he would have been handed a restraining order long ago. If he were my friend, we would have had an intervention and gotten his parents involved.
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