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New FREE fan-created Star Trek TOS game available now!

Hello everybody,

We have just released to the public our FREE Star Trek game based on the Torque 3D engine. It is titled Star Trek: NCC1701 and features for the first time the entire original Enterprise rendered in full-scale 3D. This means players will actually be able to walk the entire interior of the ship from top to bottom when all the interior decks are completed.

For now, our playable demo includes the bridge and the shuttlebay (you can turbolift between the two), and the ability to fly a shuttle around the outside of the ship and practice various combat and flight missions.

Check out our website at for the free download link and more information.

Did I mention you can also play as an old-school Klingon and fly their cool fighter out of the back of a D7 battle cruiser?

Many things never before possible now are, check out the site to learn more, and please feel free to pass this link around to any other Star Trek fan sites you can think of...

NOTE: This is completely FREEWARE, with no registration required to download, and no ads to view or any other hinderances. Just download and play.

Live long and prosper!

Paul Weston
Gambit Realm development team

Some screenshots to wet your appetite:

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