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Re: Your favourite version(s) of Stargate

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What really bugs me about the movie is that while Daniel's 'transformation' or redemption somewhat makes sense as his theories are vindicated and he finds love but O'Neill gets depressed, then fights some aliens and feels much better. I went, huh? Yeah, killing is relaxing and makes someone forget all about their son shooting himself. Just not seeing it.
I think O'Neill's transformation was spurred by Daniel's speach about his men and the Abydonian kids not wanting to die, not the killing aliens thing. If anything, the killing might have allowed O'Neill to vent his self-hatred, but that's it.

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It leads to another issue I have with SGU so far: there's really no one to take that role, which is fine since they're going for something different, but the trade-off hasn't been worth it so far. Colonel Young is Strong-Willed But Flawed (TM) but his flaws have rubbed me the wrong way; I don't care about his wife drama because it's not presented well and it's trite to boot. Scott is Inexperienced But Youthful And Determined (TM), which is all well and good, except where I've gotten to so far, the only point he's done anything I've remotely cared about was in "Time", the last episode I've seen so far. Otherwise he's just boning it up, and... talking to Chloe.
Honestly, by the end of the season, Rush ends up being the action hero and the only character with real depth. The only problem with that is the fact that by trying to set him up as a villain instead of a morally ambiguous character, they automatically bias a big part of the audience against him right off the bat, which isn't what you want to do.

I like how I've seen multiple people lately claim that the show is starting to get itself together, though. It helps me suck it up and keep going with it again soon, especially after seeing a friend's review in which he decided he just wasn't going to watch anymore because it had actually gotten much worse by the end of the first season. That doesn't seem to be popular consensus at all, so I'm more than willing to give it more time.
The first season does get a bit better, but most of the last five episodes are filled with utterly stupid shit, including stuff that makes you wish that the writers were put up against the wall and shot.
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