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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Does anyone know...

I've heard time and again, the big problem with converting TNG to HD is that it was rendered on VHS video tape.

But in some recent article on it, someone from CBS said that the special effects shots had been rendered in VHS. He did not say the whole series; just the FX.

Which is the case?

If it's the FX, then shouldn't it be much easier? The with people effects will still be a bit of a snag, but totally throwing away the space-based ones for new CGI stuff would solve half that issue, wouldn't it?
TNG was shot on film but edited on video tape.
THAT is the biggest challenge of a 'remastered' TNG: The whole show will have to be re-edited on top of redoing all the VFX-composites.
Yep. And you have a ton of episodes. And how much of that film is lost or damaged?

But... if you want a hi-res effect for TNG, the solution is easy.

First, get the series on a DVD transfer. Second, watch the show on the smallest size high-definition screen you can find. The picture will be tiny, but incredibly clear. LOL
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