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Trek comic caption contest #4: States of Undress

Previously on Star Trek: The Comic Caption Contest...

SicOne wrote:

Spock Prime: "Quickly, Jim; this way! And why are you wearing sneakers on an ice planet?"
Kirk: (sotto voce) "I just figured it out, Spock...I don't necessarily need to outrun the monster; just YOU!"

Rat Boy wrote:

Spock: "I love you, but I hate you."

Bugs: *Angry bug noises*

Spock: "Damn, I was hoping that would work again."
Deranged Nasat wrote:

Klingon: "...and this "hurling faeces" you speak of. An intriguing technique - but is it an honourable attack?"

Ape: "We've never had any complaints, sir. We think most of our foes were too embarrassed".

Klingon: "The Empire will update its tactics accordingly".
And an awesome double win:
Milo Bloom wrote: View Post
ncc71877 wrote: View Post

McCoy: Oh God. Nurse Chaple just beat the hell out of me.
But, if I tell... (whmper) oh god.
Kirk (off-screen): Bones? What happen--

Bones: I fell down some stairs!


And now..."States of Undress"

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