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Re: Your favourite version(s) of Stargate

^I'm with you, Jeff. SG-1 is the best because to me it's the perfect combination of lighthearted and serious as well as a great mix between a continuing storyline and standalone episodes. SGA is similar to me but it just never reached the greatness that SG-1 did. Of course, that's hard when SG-1 had a much more stable cast dynamic.
SGU is...Stargate in name only. I find it slightly intriguing and the storyline is starting to pick up, but it's too needlessly 'faux-gritty' for me to take it seriously. SGU's idea of Dark and Gritty is a dark ship with cranky people on it. Just not doing it for me so much.
The movie had potential, but the storyline is incoherent, a little sloppy, and O'Neill and Daniel (the two de facto main characters) just don't seem to mesh as well as they do in the movie.
What really bugs me about the movie is that while Daniel's 'transformation' or redemption somewhat makes sense as his theories are vindicated and he finds love but O'Neill gets depressed, then fights some aliens and feels much better. I went, huh? Yeah, killing is relaxing and makes someone forget all about their son shooting himself. Just not seeing it.
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