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Re: Your favourite version(s) of Stargate

Stargate SG-1 >> Stargate Atlantis >>> Stargate Universe >>> Stargate (1994)

I really, really dislike Emmerich's script for that movie. If that was all I ever saw of the franchise, I wouldn't have been impressed. I'm sorry, but 'haha, what a nerd, look, he sneezed' is downright offensive to me and it was only made up for in the premiere of SG-1 with the actually-clever box-of-tissues gig.

SG-1 almost unfairly towers over its first and more in-line spinoff because it's so damn long. Counting every episode of its ten seasons plus the two telefilms, you're looking at a whopping 218 hours versus an impressive-but-not-nearly 100 even. There's so much more chance for growth, and on top of that, SGA started switching out its cast to a point that Airlock Alpha's Michael Hinman made the jab and said it was starting to look like Earth: Final Conflict, a point I have to agree with.

SGU is miles better than the movie, but it's something I'm eight episodes into despite my devotion to the franchise and I still haven't gotten around to rectifying that. So that's... noteworthy.
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