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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

So! We have a GUL Brenok now? It's a horrible, horrible shame about his family, that's for sure. Still, part of me says that having a gul like him, who knows that kind of pain, and who has a heart, is exactly what the Cardassian Guard needs right now.

The fact that Jarol was willing to help the Federation ship out AND the Romulan ship...and actually said that they were to be treated like Cardassians because they fought on the same side--I think that shows that she really IS starting, a little bit, to move past her racism.

This right here is the telling line: "The rebellion was dead. And so was their Cardassia. They became Bajorans of the Dominion."

And how sad that she married and had her husband killed AGAIN! That's just brutal. But I do at least have a LITTLE hope that she won't raise this son to be full of hate and racism, and that at least the Demoks and Brenok can be like family to her. Hopefully by now she is beginning to see that it was Cardassia that created the fertile ground for all of these atrocities, and will take active steps to break the cycle.
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