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Re: Firefly ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Oh my. I'm having a stroke...
You keep your sex life to yourself!

Ok, changed it all to Arial 12 font, pared out the topic headings and placed more space between them and took the L out of Whedon, what more do you want?
The text you posted this morning was filled with with size, font, and other tags. Which, given they don't work on this board, made the post a cluster-fuck of shit.

The cleaned up post is vastly better.

We've seldom seen projectile energy weapons in the Fireflyverse, most people seem to still rely on lead.
It was explained somewhere in the Behind the Scenes stuff/interviews it is explained that energy weapons aren't common in the 'rim' (the outer, still "wild" planets of the Alliance of Planets) because they're too complex and expensive to maintain, repair and charge. Think about it. A gun is some springs, metal, and pins. Not much complex there. A laser gun is going to have circuitry, batteries and lots of other things to limit its ability as a weapon. If you firing your laser pistol and dies you're fucked. If you've a enough bullets on you, you can fire a gun forever.

We do see a laser weapon in an upcoming episode and even get a hint of how "useess" they can be in the fronteir. Hell, we even get a glimpse of that when Jayne grows frustrated with the Alliance stun-gun in "Ariel" he calls it a "high-tech piece of crap" when it fails to effect a locked door.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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