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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

There were those two places, where Jarol was recalling things from past, which had already happened. Corak's case, when she talked to Dukat and Brenok's arrival to Roumar after she talked to Corak. Both those things happened prior to described events, so "in theory" (which I have to follow as I understand it, as I have no instinct) those events should be in Past Perfect Tense. But they sounded so weird in Past Perfect, so I left them in Past Simple. I probably did it all wrong, but well... maybe some day I'll learn

Brenok is supposed to be adorable, so I'm glad I succeeded

Oh, Nerys, if you'd like and have time to draw them, or one of them (especially Jarol or Brenok) I would be really honoured! Actually Jarol looks pretty much like my avatar (a little modified photo of Gul Ocet, of course), but Brenok doesn't have a face in my mind's eye. I mean: of course his hair, ear and scar on his neck ridge I "see", but details of his face - not. I have a reference grafic, which was suppose to be him, but the Cardassian's face is too harsh, and Glinn "the sweet singer" Brenok came out as a very nice and friendly fellow, so that harsh face doesn't match him at all.
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