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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it

Joral can't understand how Dukat could make decisions, and in result lose his family - she lost hers and would do everything to have them back and/or everything to keep them. Not the same situation, but from her point of view - which is far from normal, after all they were murdered in front of her eyes, that must influence a person - he did something imaginable for her, and she blames... Ziyal. You surely noticed her relations with Dukat is all but simple and clear; a mixture of negative and positive feelings.

Jarol idealizes Damar, so most likely she didn't read correctly what he meant by "ladies". She'd rather assume Weyoun can't tell apart one Cardassian woman from another (her from Damar's wife), just like she doesn't tell apart most of other races faces (eg. Weyoun from Allaran - j/k).

I like your new avatar!
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