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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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This seems decidedly nitpicky over how something is listed in the C-Store compared to its actual name in-game. The TOS Constitution is listed as "Constitution Cruiser" in the chat box when purchased in-game:
That's new - when I unlocked mine (got it with a pre-order, many moons ago), it came up as 'USS Enterprise' in the chat box as well.

To be fair, it's not that one thing that bothers me - it's just one of many accumulating misappropriations of Trek canon that IMO stop the game from really doing the license justice. For example:

- Everyone's going to end up as an Admiral, whether they like it or not. And yet, at the same time, being a Flag Officer is no different to being a Lieutenant Commander, so rank is meaningless.

- There's talk of a Tier 5 TOS Constitution 'retrofit'. Which means you can fly one at Rear Admiral rank, and deliver a pasting to the 'lowly' Tier 3 Akira-class.

- To conduct diplomacy, you have to do so as a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, with your own seperate 'diplomatic rank'. I can't remember Picard being both a Starfleet Captain and a FDC 'Envoy' in 'Darmok' or 'Star Trek Insurrection', but there you go.

- Similarly, I'm stumped as to why ALL non-combat gameplay counts as 'diplomacy', and thus grants 'diplomatic XP'. The mission 'Quarantine' involves developing an antidote, yet it's apparently under the auspices of the FDC, not Starfleet Medical.

- And let's not start on the 'First Contact' missions, which conveniently ignore the fact that many of the races not only know more than you do about Federation life (seriously - how many of them seem to be big fans of 'Parises Squares'?), but have also been encountered before in Star Cluster missions (it's not exactly 'First Contact' with the Scoodians when I've lost count of the number of fights I've had with them beforehand).

I could go on, but you get the picture, I'm sure. Basically, it feels like TPTB at Cryptic have a passing knowledge of Trek, and couldn't be bothered to go that extra mile (is so difficult to find?) to make sure there facts were correct. Sometimes it's just erroneous mission dialogue (like the 'hilarious' instance where a Borg drone says "I'm trying to find artefacts from the 3rd Dynasty of my people" - yeah, because that sounds like the Borg to me...), but sometimes it's the lynchpin of an entire element of gameplay, and it's hard to ignore.

I'm still baffled by why Cryptic didn't get someone like Doug Drexler on hand for even just some casual advice - even Perpetual comissioned Andrew Probert and John Eaves to do concept art when they had the project. This lack of authoritative input is glaringly obvious in STO, and will be even more so when Gameforge releases their free-to-play Trek games - they've just enlisted the help of Mike and Denise Okuda. STO needs that 'official' touch to really help inject the 'Trek' back into the game - it's a no-brainer, yet I don't see them doing it any time soon.
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