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Re: New figures for 2010 including a look at 11th Doctor

I never got any of the normal weeping angels so I doubt I'll get this one.

My SDCC Fifth Doctor and Ainley Master arrived today. I'm extremely disappointed in them. They weren't worth the price at all. The Fifth has a chunk missing from his hat, a large gap between the left arm and where it joins the body at the back left shoulder and a piss poor paint job, with some of the pin stripes started but then curving a few millimetres up the leg and then completely stopping.

The Master is largely ok with the exception of a slightly deformed right leg. Since it's the same body as the Simm Master, just a slightly different torso sculpt with a vest added under the jacket and a pocket hankie, I thought I might be able to do a leg transplant. Unfortunately it's not a simple peg joint like the head is and I don't want to break the leg joint.

Definitely not worth $35 USD.

Quality continues to slip with the line.
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