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The Commander level Excelsior is the STIII: TSFS variant. the VA1 version refit (coining later) will be the U.S.S. Lakota (from DS9 - 'Paradise Lost'/Star Trek: Generations version.

As for the original 1701 being advertised as the 'TOS Enterprise' instead of 'Constitution Class' - realize that DURING TOS the 1701 was refered to as a 'Starship Class' vessel. The 'Constitution Class' designation was n't introduced until the Franz Joseph 'Star Trek Technical Manual' circa. 1975 - and wasn't stated on screen UNTIL ST:TMP. So, if anything, Cryptic's description is probably more acurate - considering the ST:TMP Constitution Class Enterprise is also in the game as a 'free' Lt. Cmdr. level ship.
My problem is that calling them the 'Enterprise' and the 'Lakota' is wrong - you're buying a ship of the same class, not THE USS Enterprise or THE USS Lakota. And they're not called the 'Enterprise-class' or 'Lakota-class', so it's just an inaccuracy, probably due to someone at Cryptic not having done their homework (wouldn't have been the first time...).

As for the whole 'Constitution class' vs. 'Starship class' thing, every other game EVER has been happy to go with the almost universally accepted names of 'Constitution class' for the TOS ship, and 'Constitution class refit' for the TMP version. And if we're going to argue the canonicity of names, then why is the 'Miranda' class in-game with no argument? That's never been quoted as a class name in any episode or film, and in many publications, it was referred to as the 'Avenger class' before 'Miranda' became the popular and thus accepted version.

And if there's a problem with people being confused by the fact that the 'Constitution Refit' is in-game for free as the 'Constitution-class', then the easy solution would have been to call the C-Store ship the 'TOS Constitution' - not the 'TOS USS Enterprise'. Again, you're not buying THE Enterprise that Kirk commanded - you're buying a ship of the same class. Truth in advertising, an' all that...

Ultimately, it seems to come down to the old truism of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Or more precisely, if everyone's agreed on what these blasted things should be called in games, books, merchandise, etc. for well over 30 years, it's more than a bit grating when STO can't be bothered to follow suit. Heck, even the much-maligned 'Star Trek Legacy' got that much right...

And regarding the Excelsior, while I'm very much aware that the Tier 3 version is being advertised as the 'Search for Spock' version, it's anyone's guess whether the actual in-game model will resemble the actual 'Search for Spock' version, or the later, more famous version seen in 'The Undiscovered Country'. The two are different in several areas, yet considering the lack of source material the art team at STO have to work on (judging by the amount of inaccuracies found on several canon ships), I doubt this has been taken into account.

Just for the record, I'm putting my money on it actually being the 'TUC' version, just because it's more easily interchangeable with the 'Enterprise-B' variant.
This seems decidedly nitpicky over how something is listed in the C-Store compared to its actual name in-game. The TOS Constitution is listed as "Constitution Cruiser" in the chat box when purchased in-game:

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