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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Thanks, Lennier! Actually, the whole cast got along famously on the set of both the Klingon Bridge secondary footage we've shot for "Void" and on the set of "The Old Guys." Frankly, we all had a good time -- despite the heat -- and we're looking forward to the results. If the on-screen chemistry matches that on the set, we're going to see something special, I think.

Tom Scott's going to upload the final version of the live action footage for Sound and Music on Monday, and Bill Walker's almost finished with his mesh for the starbase so the special effects should be ready soon, too.

Ricky Thompson moved his family to Florida today, so we're down to just a few folks available to help with construction. I'm still having trouble with the danged doors; haven't had a chance to ask around yet, but Melonpool's quite right about the traverse rods. That's what everyone tells me they used. May just need to go find a heavy duty traverse rod.

Tomorrow's schedule is the back door alcove and another attempt on the turbolift.
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