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Re: Casting Superman?

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One day I would like to see someone with an actual comic book physique play a superhero in a movie. Unfortunately, most people who fit that description can't act...except Arnold Schwarzenegger of course.
Schwarzenegger could act?

Well, he has demonstrated a flair for comedy. But it was his larger-than-life screen presence that made him a genre icon, not his mastery of nuanced emotional expression.
Yeah, I wasn't totally serious about that (hence the wink), but I don't think he's completely useless as an actor. He doesn't seem able to handle any heavy drama, but given certain constraints, he can be perfect in some roles.

"Terminator 2" for example, where he plays a usually serious character, but is kept mostly monosyllabic, and of course, every action movie he's done (including that one) where he's required to do that cutesy, one-liner action hero comedy.

You're right, his range seems extremely limited when it comes to emotional expression, that's why it was such a fiasco having him play Mr. Freeze in "Batman & Robin" and expecting him to be able to convey the poignancy of that character's backstory from "Batman: the Animated Series".

Regarding Jon Hamm as Superman, I agree that he has the look, and by all accounts seems capable acting-wise (I've never seen "Mad Men"), but let's be realistic and consider what the producers need/want - they're looking to start a franchise here. I think ultimately he'd be considered too old. They need someone in the 20s or at the most 30s to star in Superman movies every few years for an extended period. Part of why Bale's casting was ideal for Batman was because he was only about 30 when he was cast.
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