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SSgt Baloo
Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Greetings! I'm SSgt Baloo and I've been enjoying Trek-related entertainment since the original series first aired. I like to draw starships and aircraft and I'm into Superhero Role Playing Games. I'm currently working on a revision of a very old document that someone else wrote so people could play Star Trek using the Hero Game System. I haven't actually played any of those games in a long time (coming up on 20 years now -- bummer!) but I like to discuss the ins and outs of the rules systems and how do you do something in game terms.

Right now I've been catching up on Star Trek: Enterprise. I didn't get a chance to see the series when they were still making new episodes (I lived somewhere that had no access to a UPN station) so a lot of it is new to me. I wish the ship had looked a bit more "old-school" trek on the outside, but what can ya do? They could have consulted me and avoided that prtoblem but I suppose some guy living in the middle of nowhere doesn't show up on their radar. I've since moved. I now live in the middle of somewhere.

I liked the franchise reboot movie (was it ST: IX?) Every play in the world has been done with a different cast than the first time, and Shakespeare keeps getting reimagined, so why not Roddenberry?

In the meantime, somebody point me to where the 22nd century ships can be viewed, k?

--SSgt Baloo.

P.S.: I've got a cool avatar waiting to be uploaded but I'm assuming you don't get to upload one until you've posted a few times and possibly jumped through a few other hoops.
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