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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

There are going to be two versions:

- A Commander-level (Tier 3) one available for energy credits or ship tokens.
It's the regular Excelsior-class, as seen in ST VI and TNG/DS9 (although, strangely, it's being advertised as the 'ST III' version - clearly the bods at Cryptic aren't aware that the 'Search for Spock' Excelsior and the 'Undiscovered Country' Excelsior aren't exactly the same...).

- A Vice Admiral-level (Tier 5) one available for retrofit tokens, emblems (?) or through the C-Store.
This is the Excelsior variant (Enterprise-B/Lakota) shown above, although it'll be possible to choose the regular Excelsior hull components as well, with the option to 'mix and match' (i.e. 'kitbash'...). It's being marketed as the 'Lakota' version - why they can't just call it the 'Excelsior Variant' is beyond me, but then again, the original Constitution class is referred to as the 'TOS USS Enterprise' in the C-Store, which is equally facepalm-worthy.
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