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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Three in the bed sex with 2 beautiful hookers. Well, we've all been there.
I certainly have, although my hookers were gay porn stars.

Actually, if you IMDB the hot naked guy from the first scene, it turns out he did Red Show Diaries type softcore porn in his youth.

I love the eunuch line. It really has to be heard in it's entirety though.

"She's got the big puppy love. And why wouldn't she? You're handsome, brave, heroic... emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning evil and, let's face it, a eunuch."

CC salivates over the bodybuilders but still thinks 'All men are dogs'.
Yeah, I thought that was bit hypocritical myself. I guess it was just there to say that women can be just as bad as men.

Marcus thinks Angel is gay (just look at his outfit)
They actually set this - and the body switch - up earlier by having Angel dress in leather pants. It's a well-known rule in the Buffyverse that leather pants = evil. Even Lorne knows it. And there's a moment early on where both Cordy and Wesley look Angel up and down disapprovingly, clearly taking note of the leather pants. Thus it fits perfectly when Angel does become the bad guy of the episode.

Good performace from Rance Howard as Marcus (Ron Howard's dad)
Really? I thought it was a bit blah myself. He didn't seem to be making any effort to actually act like Angel's character.

Foreshadowing to be found in 3x04 "Carpe Noctem" :

When Angel (in Marcus's body) is trying to escape from the evil retirement home (where you're not allowed out of your room at night, aren't allowed your own phone and they just put you back to bed after you've had a heart attack), there's a moment when the other old guy introduces him to his new granddaughter. So you've got Angel suddenly cradling a newborn baby, not knowing quite what to do with it but slowly getting the wonder. This obviously leads directly into the Connor storyline.

And later, when Marcus-in-Angel comes back to the home and pretends to be Marcus's son, he looks over at Angel-in-Marcus and says, "Hi, Dad!" A line which will be used in much more sinister circumstances at the ends of 3x19 "The Price" and 3x20 "A New World."

NotAngel throws Lilah onto Wesley's desk and starts furiously making out with her. Wesley is appalled at the thought, even though he himself will be doing a lot more than just making out with Lilah by the end of the season.
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