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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

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And really, any REAL updating of the Superman mythos must dump the Daily Planet anyway. Newspapers were information hubs in those days, with access to information at a faster rate than the average joe. Thus when a crisis, crime or disaster broke out, he could quickly find out and respond. That was the ENTIRE reason for becoming a newspaper man.

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Supes doesn't need a makeover. He needs a filmmaker who is willing to make a movie about who he is: a naive and sincere alien immigrant who fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
I've always found this version of Superman boring. Gimme 1938-39 Superman anyday. He wasn't naive, and he fought for the common man. He was an outlaw ass kicker taking on corporate abuses, corruption and whatever the hell else pissed him off, with the cops trying to arrest him.

Somewhere along the way, he became a boring boyscout working to maintain the status quo. But that's not how he started. Someone once said that 1938-39 Superman was the most subversive mainstream super hero, even moreso than Batman.....I agree.
Why can't he be an "outlaw ass kicker" and still be the big boy scout?

I haven't seen Superman IV, but I do like the idea of Supes throwing all nukes into space, without concern for governmental complaints. Heck, I'd love to see a Supes rid Iran and North Korea of its nukes, find bin Laden and deposit him cuffed in Central Park, round up and destroy Hamas' weapons, protect the genocide victims in Darfur and dismantle any uninhabited, in-construction Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.

That'd all be fodder for Act One, of course, as he'd need a worthy adversary as some point, but it could be a hell of a starting-off point.
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