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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

Drat.. i thought it was a general make-over and not only for the movies.

I'm not a big DC follower.. i know about the majors and the biggest events but not much in detail as i'm a Marvel man (or used to be.. different story).

Personally, since i aquired my own taste somewhere in my 20s, i believe that the Superman costume is outdated.. big time. Yes.. it is iconic but it is a relic from the 40s where Superheroes aparently wore their underwear over their suits and had clashing colors to match.

For me Superman's costume didn't age that well as opposed to Batman's for example. The whole 40s color composition of the costume is a big no today when new heroes are developed but since Superman is one big icon any change is near suicide as DC learned in the 90s with "energy" Superman and his costume (personally i found it bold and refreshingly new.. liked it) so it will be here to stay.

However i'd really like an updated look akin to Wonder Woman's make-over. Keep the theme and basic iconography but modernize it.
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