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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Must admit, when I bought the Prometheus bridge pack, I switched to the 'Blaze' bridge for my Miranda, Constitution (TOS) and Excalibur class ships - simply because it's currently the only way to have a classic bridge configuration in the game (thanks to the Prometheus bridge being a re-dress of the 'Undiscovered Country' Enterprise/Excelsior bridge set!).

Some more screenshots, here - showing off my new costume slot I purchased (leaving me one spare, for future use). I've now got room to have all 3 TNG-era uniforms on the go at once, plus an off-duty set of civvies.

First up: my 'Duty' uniform - the 'First Contact' version, with my character's trademark gloves (seen here in the Observation Lounge, with Cardassian warships in the background):

My new 'Duty Variant', which I'm really fond of - the DS9/Voyager look:

The classic TNG uniform, serving as my 'Fleet' uniform:

And my regular clothes - because nothing beats that ol' time-honoured 'jeans and a sweatshirt' look!

And on a totally unrelated note, because it's hitting the game sometime next week (not a moment too soon, if you ask me!), the new Excelsior-class (variant)!

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