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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #3: NOT Delta Vega!

Spock Prime: "Quickly, Jim; this way! And why are you wearing sneakers on an ice planet?"
Kirk: (sotto voce) "I just figured it out, Spock...I don't necessarily need to outrun the monster; just YOU!"

McCoy: "Crap! I'm a doctor, not an engineer! We need Scotty up here to fix Barbarella's orgasmotron!"

Bug #1: "Explanation, please, on why our grubs are unconscious and dripping, you look vastly surprised for a Vulcan, and your zipper is down..."

Bug #2: "Despite the explanation, we're still going to eat your brains when you're done."

Klingon: "You flung feces at Spock but not at me. Explain to me why you are dishonorably discriminating against Klingons in this manner!"

Ape: "Well, you see, it looks to me like you've already had a pile hit your forehead; figured Cornelius over there just beat me to it...look, he's tossing another batch at your warriors now!"

Klingon: "This is just bad convention make-up! Today is a good day to die!"

Ape: "You wouldn't hit an ape with glasses, wouldja?"
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