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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Stargate got damn good in its later Showtime years. That was a science fiction series I'd trade the entire lifetimes of other science fiction shows to see just one or two more seasons of, and it lasted ten years. But that's because it found a second life on Sci-Fi and pulled strong ratings there until Richard Dean Anderson departed from the cast. Had he stuck around, the series might have gone on until a twelfth or thirteen year. Just incredible for a scripted genre show.

Speaking of Showtime, I'll echo Temis' thoughts again and say that would be the best place for Trek in the foreseeable future. It's either that or CW, and while I have a hunch CW would be interested, I have an equal or greater hunch I wouldn't be.

Vurok types the truth regarding what the show is going for having an impact on the proper choice for captaincy. I would bring to the table the following suggestions:

For a fun, exciting, in-your-face, episodic kind of series in the spirit of the new film:
Joe Flanigan;
Mark Sheppard;
Nathan Fillion;
Adam Baldwin;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams;

For a darker, more serialized take on the franchise, a la DS9:
Torri Higginson;
James Marsters;
Gillian Anderson;
David Boreaneaz;
Christopher Judge;
Michelle Forbes;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams;

For a particularly philosophical journey rife with metaphor, a la TOS and TNG:
Michael Shanks;
Claudia Black;
Ian McKellan;
Leonardo DiCaprio;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams
Star Trek
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