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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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One thing that I still find fascinating is Kirk's order to self destruct (not included in all versions), what was he thinking exactly? The Ent blowing up would have very little effect, although they were in close proximity to V'Ger itself, whats to stopping V'Ger from enveloping the Ent with a forcefield and containing the explosion?
It was probably him feeling lucky. Antimatter explosion seems to be the go-to weapon when dealing with giant things like space amoebas, etc, so blowing the Enterprise up while within V'ger seemed like a reasonable gamble. Also, TOS has always treated antimatter as much more powerful than what we understand it to be today
Kirk would have to get very lucky for that to work. As madmatthias points out, heís hoping that Vejur wonít be able to react quickly enough to contain the explosion.

Another thing is that itís not clear how the destruction of the Voyager probe would affect Vejur. The Voyager probe doesnít have the intelligence that controls the patternizers or Vejurís other powers. Spock said, ďAll of this is Vejur. We are inside a living machine.Ē The Voyager probeís apparent role is to give Vejur a sense of purpose. If the Voyager probe is destroyed, Vejur will have no reason to cleanse the infestation from the Creatorís home planet... but will also have no reason not to, and might simply continue on its current course of behavior. Spock and Kirk have speculated that depriving Vejur of purpose would be a knockout blow that would effectively pull out the plug, but thereís really no way to know.
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