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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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As per the treaty, the federation could interfere in internal klingon matters (as well as external matters), IF asked by the legitimate government.
GOWRON: ... request your assistance in fighting these enemies of the Empire.
RIKER: These enemies are Klingons.
PICARD: ... by definition, an internal Klingon affair.


The Klingon civil war is, by definition, an internal matter of the Empire.
PICARD: Agreed.


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Duras house's "coalition" was receiving help from the romulans for some time - and they had no problem with it. We're talking supplies to fight an interstellar war, NOT some covert stuff - you can't hide something on this scale,
GOWRON : And once the Romulan connection has been exposed, support will fall away from Lursa and B'Etor.


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"non-interference in internal matters of other cultures" AKA the prime directive.

Our people have a strict policy of non-interference in other cultures. It's our Prime Directive.
ANIJ: But at one time, we explored the galaxy just as you do.

You have warp capability?
Capability, yes. But where can warp drive take us, except away from here?
PICARD: I ...apologize for our intrusion.

...and because they have warp capabilities, the consequences to their society are minimal.

The prime directive applies to pre-warp cultures, The noninterference that Picard referred to had to do with the separate issue of interfering with another sovereign power. Not all "noninterference" matters pertains to the prime directive.

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