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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

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Are you the democratically elected representatives of the people of Planet Zog?
Is the planet's government? Remember the planet Zog is being contacted solely because a group of people from that planet made a warp flight, no other reason. Should the government not be "democratically elected," would you still advocate the government being the primary point of contact?

Then what gives you the right to make decisions for Planet Zog?
By contacting them at all, your making a decision for them. You're certainly making a assumption about them wanting to be contacted in the first place. Now don't get me wrong, if (big if) your purpose is to establish diplomatic contact with the planet's governments, sure go that route.

But instead should a informal cultural relationship with the planet's people be your aim point, why contact the government? A protracted social interaction with a planets people would tell you much more about a planet's government that you would ever find out through official contact.

It might turn out that after evaluating a planet's government through discussions and interviews with the populace that the Federation may decide to permanently avoid official diplomatic contact.

Sci, you're in social contact with people in many countries just by posting here, did you ask permission of each of their governments first?

The people of Planet Zog have created their own government ...
And if the people of Planet Zog were to tell the multiple contact teams that "no no, you can't talk to any of us, you can only speak to our government," then of course communicating solely with the government(s) would be a fall back option. Perfect example of the planet's inhabitants "making their own choices."

ProtoAvatar wrote: View Post
How can Sela win? Simple - by doing what she was already doing - by continuing to help help the Duras house against Gowron.
ProtoAvatar, the Duras sisters were not fighting Gowron, the Duras coalition of allies was fighting Gowron's coalition of allies. Political and military allies. Once the Duras allies realize that the Duras sister were in alliance with the Romulans, the majority of them would switch sides over to Gowron's forces.

Unless you believe that the powerful Klingon house families would knowingly allies themseleves with the Romulans, that the various squadron commanders would do the same. The Duras sister were keeping the connection with the Romulans secret, for this reason.

Klingons and Romulans are enemies.

No need to face the entire klingon fleet.
But once the Romulan connect was known, that is exactly what the Romulan's would be facing.

And when, with romulan help, the Duras house will win the klingon empire
The Duras house? All by themselves?

No element of this plan is impeded by the fact that Picard can see her on sensors, as opposed to only knowing she's there.
Seeing the Romulan supply convoy on sensors is how Picard knew they were there. Sensor record would have been made available to the Klingons. And were.

Picard was selected as Arbiter of the Secession because he was trusted to be impartial. By refusing to back Gowron outside of the terms of the treaty meant that he would have continued to seen as impartial within the Klingon Empire by both factions. Both Gowron and Duras sisters courted his co-operation, he obliged neither of them.

Gowron and Worf cited the treaty ...
Please refer us all to where Worf even once cited the treaty.

Picard ... recited the prime directive
Please refer us all to where Picard even once recited the prime directive.

meaning the treaty allows for help against such outlaws
No, there are two separate scenes in the episodes where a Starfleet Admiral, Picard and Riker note what the treaty does and does not cover. Never are "outlaws," or for that matter revolutionaries, political rivalries or attempted coups considered to be justification to invoke the treaty.

Later on Picard helped Gowron against 'external foes' as per the treaty.
Yes, per the treaty.

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