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Re: Planet of the Titans study models

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They could have done something like this for Abrams's Trek movies, and much as I like the version they came up with it would have been nice to see more of a departure such as this represents.

But at least the Enterprise as created for TOS was a fully-formed design and concept, unlike, say the shuttlecraft. I was leafing through "The Art Of Star Trek" earlier and was reminded that the "AMT shuttle" was not even nearly Jefferies' first choice as a design. He even tried to replace it with something a little more sophisticated for Star Trek: Phase II. Yet due mainly to the weight of tradition we're still stuck with variations of a flying wooden box even in a 150 million dollar movie.
But the movie shuttles had, ya know, some curves... That was a huge departure.

It was a shame that TNG adopted the same thing once they got rid of their season 1 shuttle. I really liked the curved lines and the ideas behind it (though never shown), like the forward entrance platform.

Though the mock up was another boxed joke. Too complex I think they said.

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