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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

"That Vision Thing" is another excellent example of the shades of grey that Angel specializes in. Rescuing a person from hell should be a good thing - except if they deserve to be there. Battling demons should be a good thing - except if they're actually good demons working on your side.

Also clearer and clearer signs of Angel's true feelings for Cordelia. Gotta love Lilah worried about the guy's tax forms.

Foreshadowing to be found on 3x02 "That Vision Thing" :

Cordelia's fake visions, which make her think she's doing a good thing despite the pain, but she's being misled all along for Lilah's purposes, leads directly into the Troclon prophecy, the foretelling of disaster that leads Wesley to do something that he thinks is the right thing, even despite all the pain it will cause everybody... except that he's been misled all along for someone else's purposes.
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