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Re: How Many Times Was Archer Wounded?

Archer got smacked around a lot:
-- Dolim pummeled him in Azati Prime
-- I think he was beaten up in Shadows of P'Jem
-- He was smacked around by Shran's second in command (played by Suzie Plakson) in Cease Fire
-- Beaten up in The Communicator
-- The Ferengi zapped him with a weapon
-- Beaten in Canamar
-- Punched out in North Star
-- Dolim attacked him in Zero Hour
-- Tolaris attacked him in Fusion
-- Got into a fistfight with AJ Robinson in First Flight
-- He and Travis get a beating in Detained
-- Malik attacks Archer in Cold Station 12
-- Fights Vulcans in the Vulcan arc
-- Fights Shran in United
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