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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

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^That's true. But some of his statements (in the original article) are troubling.
Agree to disagree I suppose.

I think that article made more out of Johnston's statements than was there. I'm not sure what's wrong with celebrating other nations in this film along with America (I assume the allies.) or with the USO idea. He will still wear a combat version of the costume later on, and the reluctance of him to perform in the show is more"I'm up here performing in a flag get-up whille these real Americans are fighting and dying" than any unpatriotic sentiment. I liken his USO feelings to a guy like John Wayne, who was always guilt ridden about never having served.

the article was an excuse to blast liberal hollywood and espouse some politics. From the author's rage, you would think Oliver Stone was making this movie.
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