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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

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I'm not sure the Daily Planet has to be ditched, so much as updated....
Yet again a reason to bring back the Earth 1 Superman. He was a tv reporter/anchorman.
Ick. The only thing TV "reporters" report these days is their own ill-informed opinons.

Unless they're Jim Lehrer. You want to put Supes on PBS - I have no problem with that.

Amen! Superman has never been better than the Fleischer cartoons. That should be a starting point for any new project.
I thought he meant the Kirk Alyn version.
Me, I love the G. Reeves version.
Which was heavily based on the Fleischer cartoons...
I was indeed refering to the Fleischer cartoons, some of the most expensive and sophisicated animation of it's day. I agree they would make a good starting point for those making the new film.

Primarily, the Fleischer cartoons show a fast paced style of action we have yet to see in a live action Superman film, that would be very exciting. Donner's Superman is a slower more mythical figure than the Superman in the shorts, and the tech of the time likely wouldn't have allowed the Fleischer style to translate anyway. (who could do anything through high budget animation). With today's tech, it could be done. The Fleisher action setpieces are fantastic, almost Indiana Jones meets Superman.

Secondly, I would like a return to the golden age clark seen in the shorts. Clark is slightly bumbling, but he is shown to be a adventurer and a crusader for Justice. He is the equal of Lois Lane, and thier intelligent banter and competition would be a welcome change of pace from clumsy Clark's antics.
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