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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I'm happy.

3-1 at home vs Sampdoria is a good result going into the second leg. Obviously I would've preferred a 3-0, but conceding a goal in the last minutes is typical Bremen.
I think we'll score at least one in Genua, so I'm confident.

We're also doing our part to getting that 4th CL spot. Werder vs. Italian teams over the last five years:

6 5 2

Edit: Just saw this nice article on Makes for lovely reading right now.

Bundesliga Comment: By Selling Mesut Oezil To Real Madrid, Werder Bremen Have Committed Champions League Suicide And Sold Out The Bundesliga

To begin with, the timing of Oezil’s move was horrendous. It occurred barely more than 24 hours before Bremen are scheduled to face off with Sampdoria in a pivotal Champions League play-off. By releasing their best player, the cornerstone of their trademark attack, Bremen have effectively committed Champions League suicide. They have no time to sign and train with a suitable replacement. It’s as though they have accepted defeat already, and have their hopes set on advancing to the Europa League Round of 16 before bowing out at the hands of a lower league team.
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