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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

SHANTHI:None of which is our concern, Jean-Luc. The Klingon civil war is, by definition, an internal matter of the Empire.
PICARD: Agreed. But if the Duras are being aided by the Romulans, it becomes very much our concern.
Two people who have apparently actual read the treaty.

SELA: Ah. Then I can tell my superiors that a fleet of twenty three Federation starships is on our border for, what, humanitarian reasons?
PICARD: It is our intent to prevent any external power from interfering in Klingon affairs.
Again per the treaty.

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Picard mentions the prime directive when he refuses Gowron.
Where? The words "Prime Directive" never appear once in the entirety of the two-part episode.

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The federation - Picard - was heavily involved in electing Gowron to the high council
The Federation played no part in Gowron becoming leader, that too would have been interference in a foreign sovereign power.

Picard preformed his duties as the Arbiter of Succession only as a "accomplished mediator." Not as a Starfleet Officer or a official Federation representative.

And as I and other have reminded you, Klingon don't elect their leaders.

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T'Girl, you still have not adressed: "Picard saved the day only because the romulans acted equally opaque:
GOWRON : And once the Romulan connection has been exposed, support will fall away from Lursa and B'Etor.
ProtoAvatar, what could be clearer, the forces supporting the Duras family didn't know of the Romulan connection. Once the Romulan "opaque" disappeared, so would the Duras's political and military power.

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One wonders why, ... Sela didn't say: "I have no reason to return just becase you see me.'
Once Data proved (no longer supposition) that the Romulans were running supplies, why would Sela continue forward? At that point the Duras family no longer possessed allies.

SELA: Reverse course. Order the fleet back to Romulan territory.
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One wonders why, ... Sela didn't say: "I have a war to win. "
Win how? Against the reassembled might of the remaining Klingon military? With only fifteen Romulan ships? And also against Picard's twenty-three ship fleet? With more Starfleet ships likely on the way, remember ProtoAvatar once the Romulan connection was confirmed (not supposed) the treaty could then be invoked.

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One wonders why, ... Sela didn't say: "I'll come with my new klingon pals and ..."
GOWRON: The Council appreciates your report, Captain. The information on the Romulan supply ships will prove very useful.
At that point, what new Klingon pal s ... the Duras sisters by themselves?

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T'Girl, you still have not adressed ...
Just did.

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Of course, the distinction makes little difference to my point

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