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While I agree with your assessment of the Rachni queen dilemma - I saved her every time -, it would feel wrong to me if there was a "right" decision.
ME2 already told us it was the "right" decision because the Rachni Queen sent an envoy informing us that she was building an army to assist against the Reapers. We also know that saving the Council was probably the "right" decision as all the aliens distrust humans if you let the Council die. We also know that saving Wrex was probably the "right" decision because he went back to Tuchanka to bring peace between the clans. And it's not a simple case of morality either, because saving the Collector base was the right strategic choice while being the wrong moral choice.

Just like with the Suicide Mission, if you make the right strategic calls throughout ME2, everyone survives. I think it would be amazing if the entire Mass Effect trilogy was like that; if you made the right strategic decisions throughout all three games, you wont have to sacrifice Shepard, or Earth, to save the galaxy. I think that would be an incredible achievement on Bioware's part.

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That's really the point. There is no "origin/lore" creation in ME2, so you're stuck with the choices they presume to be canon.
Which is particularly annoying because ME2's canonical version was mostly renegade decisions. It must be jarring to play that game as a paragon and keep being told that you were a complete bastard in the first game.

You have some random character show up and tell you that the queen is important, but I get the sinking feeling that nothing of consequence will happen. Heck, at this point I don't think they'll let you choose between the 15 (or however many there are) possible party members that you've amassed throughout ME1/2.
I'd be upset if none of the team members could work with Shepard in ME3, but I'd understand it. But the Rachni Queen being dropped would be a huge let-down, if they're not going to include her in ME3 then they shouldn't have foreshadowed it in ME2. So I'm still holding out hope, and perhaps the PS3 version of ME2 wont force a canonical story on players, but will allow them to choose what happened in the most important events.
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