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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

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And really, any REAL updating of the Superman mythos must dump the Daily Planet anyway. Newspapers were information hubs in those days, with access to information at a faster rate than the average joe. Thus when a crisis, crime or disaster broke out, he could quickly find out and respond. That was the ENTIRE reason for becoming a newspaper man.
I'm not sure the Daily Planet has to be ditched, so much as updated. Professional journalists still have some meaning - and there's a lot of story to be had in the idea of the Fourth Estate. Part of the purpose of being a journalist was Clark as a part of the civilian world, that is part of the civic world. Reworking the Daily Planet as a web-based news organization standing as a bastion of journalistic integrity against the FOXNews/ CNN partisan opinion-mongers, harnassing the power of the man on the street reporter that the web has made possible - that's got a lot of appeal. Part of what makes superheroes work is they present a fantasy world where incorruptible people stand up for the regular person in a way that would never happen in the real world. It'd be nice to imagine a media worthy of respect - expecially in this world.

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The costume must remain.

As much as I love Reeve, I think the theatrical shorts of the 1940's represent the best screen version. I would love to see the tougher clark and fast paced action scenes of the shorts in the new film.
Amen! Superman has never been better than the Fleischer cartoons. That should be a starting point for any new project.
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