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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

Mr. Laser Beam

I'm simply saying that, as far as the federation was concerned, Gowron was the legitimate, recognized klingon leader.
(And yes, he was the 'lesser evil' between him and Duras; Also, the federation, through Picard, WAS most definitely involved in electing Gowron; heavily or not involved: that's a matter of semantics/interpretation of little importance - the gesture was present through Picard)

As such, when Gowron asked the federation to help him against outlaws, the klingon empire asked the federation to interfere in internal matters.
In such cases, the prime derective need not apply.

Why did Picard came with that draconian/suicidal interpretation of the prime directive in order NOT to interfere - you cannot interfere unless every single faction of a society (no matter how illegitimate) asks you to?

And if this was Picard interpretation, why did he interfere in external matters of the klingon empire that did not involve the federation, in the same conditions (Gowron asked him to, Duras house opposed it)?
In doing so, Picard broke his prime directive twice - by interfering in klingon affairs (without being asked by every single klingon) AND in romulan business (without being asked by the romulans at all).

In conclusion, I'm saying Picards' behaviour vis a vis the prime directive was all over the place.

Also, Sela's behaviour made no sense - she had no reason (beyond - the main characters have to win) to stop just because Data found her ships (ships everyone - federation, klingons - already knew were there)?
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