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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

Do you understand how tiny a city or even a planet is compared to this power field?
But the Klingons didn't target the field. They ignored the field. Their actual target was tiny, even in terms of photon torpedo targets.

Swirling light effects that block sensors. What the hell are they shooting at?
Not at the cloud, that much is clear.

From the tactical projections, it seems the Klingons fly into the chasm on the horizontal plane of the cloud, probably at as high a warp as they dare, then fire their torpedoes even deeper into that chasm. Nothing inside the chasm seems to be offering resistance to the attack. And if they're targeting Manhattan at the bottom of the chasm, they don't need to know the exact location of Battery Park. Probably a detonation a few Manhattans to starboard of the target would still do damage to the enemy.

We’re talking about firing torpedoes blindly into a star system in the hope of destroying some unknown object that is somewhere in that opaque star system
It's a perfectly good assumption that the target is at dead center. Firing blindly is completely justified, then - that's how one fires missiles at Moscow, too, on the usually sound assumption that the city hasn't suddenly moved fifty kilometers to southwest.

Inexperienced space travelers might be in awe of a construct that is dozens of astronomical units wide, even if it is just an intangible field of some sort. Experienced space warriors will have learned when to ignore the nonessential, and when to press on to the target despite wonders left and right. A cruise missile heading for downtown Moscow wouldn't stop to admire the ring road network or the farmlands or the pretty cloud of smog, either!

Timo Saloniemi
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