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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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I still don't understand the objection. Sure, the target would try to defend itself. But the Klingons are firing multiple photon torpedoes at the target - strategic weapons intended to devastate entire cities and perhaps planets.
Do you understand how tiny a city or even a planet is compared to this power field? “Intended to devastate entire cities and perhaps planets” means “intended to be deployed against targets whose sizes are utterly negligible on the scale of this power field.” 13 trillion Earths could fit in that power field.

Essentially, they are attacking an enemy star system, which just happens to consist of swirling light effects instead of simple vacuum.
Swirling light effects that block sensors in a star system that has never been mapped. What the hell are they shooting at?

Attacking an enemy star system is a perfectly valid military maneuver in Star Trek, and a single starship (let alone three) should be capable of it in light of TOS precedent.
No. Attacking a star system is not a perfectly valid military maneuver, in the context of this discussion. The star system itself doesn’t really give a darn who’s controlling the bases and trade routes and supply lines andwhatnot. Attacking enemy ships and bases that are at known locations within a star system is a valid maneuver. But we’re not talking about militarily pacifying enemy bases and ships. We’re talking about firing torpedoes blindly into a star system in the hope of destroying some unknown object that is somewhere in that opaque star system and maintains a power field as large as the star system itself. That is not a valid military maneuver. (Actually, attacking a star itself becomes a possible military maneuver with Soran’s trilithium research in ST:GEN, and Stargate SG-1 pulled it off with a red-matter-like technology, but that’s hardly relevant in TMP, because the target is not a star.)

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