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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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We do see a lot of other stuff in the dreaded Spock Fly-Thru (including Darth Vader).
There's no Vader. It's a momentary optical illusion caused by darkness showing between parts of the digitized Epsilon 9 station, and a glowing thing that sticks down from the top of the "space lips".

...watching V'ger destroy three Klingon battlecruisers, the audience actually CHEERED.
I never saw that kind if audience reaction, and I saw the film in the theater at least 5 times in two different towns. Interesting!

72 AUs in diameter. Three battlecruisers.... I've no problem with imaging the Klingons would love to attack. I just refuse to think of them as this stupid.
82. And I agree with you to a point. Spock immediately detected a shocking (as Sulu's reaction points out) 12th power energy field, which the Klingons should have spotted.

You believe that the Enterprise was traveling within the cloud at Warp Speed?
The film is very consistent about the use of the warp engines (at least insofar as the Enterprise is concerned). The nacelles glow only when the Enterprise is at warp, and the deflector glows blue only when the warp engines are on. Said nacelles are lit as the ship heads towards the cloud.

Futhermore, albeit not made plain in the film, the ship is seen overtaking V'ger from behind, which means they had to be going at warp until they got near it, unless you want to believe the entire cloud is a giant warp field.

Also, in the DE, the nacelles remain lit when the energy probe approaches the ship (at which point it would be traveling in reverse). The moment the ship gets grabbed by the tractor beam, the warp lighting on the nacelles and deflector go off and stay off till the final shot of the movie.
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