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Re: Does Superman Need A Make-Over?

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His costume is fine (though I'd be interested in seeing at least tests for an all-leather variant of the same basic design, like the X-Men movie suits with color), but he really could use a hologram to make his face and voice appear substantially different from Clark's; it's getting harder and harder to buy anyone falling for the glasses trick.

The "glasses trick". No, John Byrne had it Superman doesn't wear a mask, it would never occur to the general public that he even has a "secret identity". That when he's not around, (when he's Clark), that he's either in some other part of the country or world.

The ONLY part that kicks that in the nuts is the amount of time Superman spends around the Daily Planet crew. If he didn't, if he just moved amongst humans as Clark and never hung out with them as Superman, it'd totally work.

And really, any REAL updating of the Superman mythos must dump the Daily Planet anyway. Newspapers were information hubs in those days, with access to information at a faster rate than the average joe. Thus when a crisis, crime or disaster broke out, he could quickly find out and respond. That was the ENTIRE reason for becoming a newspaper man.

Now, in the 21st century, thanks to the web, we can find out about things just as fast as all the news agencies....and really, who gives a crap about the dying dinosaurs that are newspapers these days anyway? So a modern Superman myth is going to have to figure out a way to work around that element. Superman is supposed to be the "Man of Tomorrow" after all.

As for the pictures of Superman....Alex Ross's Superman hasn't not looked like shit in about a decade. Mainly because with each passing painting, the S gets larger and larger and larger. The S does not cover the bulk of Supermans torso. Ross needs to go back and look the classic Superman comics to see how big the S should generally be.

As for the costume.....really, he's friggin Superman. Every published Super Hero owes his/her existence to him. His costume is THE Super Hero costume. Considering his power, his costume, more than any other heroes (except Captain Marvel) is purely ornamental. When you have that much power you can pretty much wear whatever you want. It's not like anybody's gonna say anything to your face.
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