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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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Saying it's ridiculous to even think you could attack the cloud because it's so big is a bit like saying it's ridiculous to attack the Earth with a hunting rifle. Well, yeah, but if you're actually planning to shoot a buck that happens to stand on the surface of the Earth, it starts to look a little more reasonable.
Was the source of the cloud presumed to be on the surface, rather than near the center? If you’re standing on the surface of the Earth with a hunting rifle wanting to shoot something (like, say, a buck) 6000 Km away near the center of the Earth, good luck.
Well, a bullet with 23rd century technology assisting aim and tracking. The point wasn't the location of the cloud relative to the generator, but that the size of the cloud was immaterial to the Klingon's actions, since they weren't attacking the cloud in the first place. Just as a hunter with a bullet isn't shooting the Earth, but a target on the Earth.
Do they have a target? Are they shooting at the Voyager probe that Kirk & co. will eventually discover? It looks to me like they’re just firing into the cloud.

Even if the Klingons assume that the “source” of the cloud is dead center, and that assumption turns out to be correct, and the Klingons can identify that center precisely and fire upon it with a self-correcting trajectory that will keep the torpedo on target for dead center, it’s inconceivable that something powerful enough to generate that power field would be unshielded and would do nothing about the torpedo in the considerable length of time it would take the torpedo to travel from outside the cloud to dead center.

We’re talking about houseflies attacking the Earth. If I understand you correctly, you’re suggesting that the attack is based on the assumptions that the planet is being sustained by a single-point-of-failure fly-sized generator, that the attackers know (to within a fly-length) where that source is located, and that they can hit that target from an Earth-radius away. Really? Maybe I misunderstand, because it isn’t making much sense to me.
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