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Re: Worldbuilding: New member integration in the UFP

GOWRON: As per the terms of the Treaty of Alliance, I now formally request your assistance in fighting these enemies of the Empire.
RIKER: These enemies are Klingons.
GOWRON: By right and tradition, I am the sole leader. All who oppose me are traitors.
PICARD: But I'm sure you're aware that the Federation cannot interfere in what is, by definition, an internal Klingon affair.
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Gowron was the legitimate government, recognised by the federation.
Gowron was recognized as the leader of the high council only by his own supporters and the Arbiter of Succession, the problem was the bulk of the Klingon high council didn't recognize him as such.

Where was it even briefly indicated that the Federation recognized him?

Gowron asked federation help in dealing with what, legally, were terrorists.
The Duras family were building a political coalition and engaging in a series of military attack upon loyalist forces. Terorism (by definition) involves intimidate, coerce and fear for political purposes. The Duras family were combating loyalist forces openly, there's no mention of them killing civilians in market places.

Picard refused due to the prime directive, NOT the treaty (Gowron's request strongly implied the treaty allowed for the federation to help the klingons in internal matters, at their request).
Gowron clearly didn't understand the terms of the treaty, Riker knew that it didn't cover Klingon upon Klingon matters and Picard knew it didn't cover treason. Picard had to (gently) remind Gowron that the treaty did not cover internal affairs.

Only when it became clear that an external force was involved did the treaty become pertinent.

And the prime directive
The Prime Directive is never mentioned.

despite the fact that you're not a paricipant in these relations
Honoring the treaty made the Federation a participant.

Picard's counseling of Worf about non-interference had to do with the Federation and the Klingon Empire being separate sovereign powers. The Prime Directive was not germane.

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