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Re: vote on Inception's ending (spoilers obviously)

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I voted dream, not because I like that interpretation or think it was necessary for the story, but because Cobb's children hadn't changed a bit from his memory earlier in the film. Yeah, I know it could be symbolic or simplified for audience understanding, but children that young grow up fast, and we know he'd been on the run for some considerable length of time (long enough to get a string of jobs extracting, and to establish a reputation for himself doing so). I find it implausible to the point of absurdity for him to return home in reality and find his children looking, dressing and acting exactly the same as the last moment he saw them. Plus that top was spinning for an awfully long time...
I just got back from the movie and this was my exact thought. I don't know if the whole entire movie is a dream or just when he woke up on the plane. I'm thinkinole movie was a dream and that would make it a 4th level beyond "Limbo". That could mean heually in a coma and Mal is actually alive. There's no way his kids would be wearing the same exact clothes and in the same position as when he left. The thing is, the top looked like it wasen't anywhere near falling. I also want to point out that Nolan could have been puposely showing us the answer the whole time. The Prestigue gave us clues throughout the whole movie. Everyone assumes that he wants to leave it up to the audience, but what he really wants to give us the answer? I don't know what's reality now.

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