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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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Saying it's ridiculous to even think you could attack the cloud because it's so big is a bit like saying it's ridiculous to attack the Earth with a hunting rifle. Well, yeah, but if you're actually planning to shoot a buck that happens to stand on the surface of the Earth, it starts to look a little more reasonable.
Was the source of the cloud presumed to be on the surface, rather than near the center? If you’re standing on the surface of the Earth with a hunting rifle wanting to shoot something (like, say, a buck) 6000 Km away near the center of the Earth, good luck.

And I'm not criticizing as such, but I find captrek's original definition of an A.U. being "about 100 solar diamters" a little odd (pedantically, it actually works out to ~107).
“About 100 solar diameters” isn’t the definition of an AU, and I wasn’t offering as such. Considering that we don’t need three-digit precision for this discussion, it’s an accurate description (not definition) of an AU.

Why did you settle on using solar diameters, captrek?
I used the ratio between solar diameter and AU in order to calculate how many Suns would fit inside that cloud. Actually the cloud would have been insufficient to contain Amaré Stoudemire’s ego, but he’s not a Sun anymore.
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