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Re: TMP Klingons: what were they thinking?

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As long as the director feels is justified in conveying the size & alienness of the environment.
Of course it took too long for many people's comfort; the editing foibles & schedule shortcomings have been discussed to death already.
The endless ooohing and aaahing does nothing, absolutely nothing to convey the immense size of V'ger. Nothing.

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And why on Earth would Klingons attack a cloud?
Because it is in their territory would be a pretty good start.
Possibly, but we don't see any real evidence of anything it's done. We do see a lot of other stuff in the dreaded Spock Fly-Thru (including Darth Vader).

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I've always had the same belief as DS9Sega that since we a joining the action as Strafleet is first finding out what is going on (you know, not long before the cloud crosses into Federation space) that apparently a ton of shit went down as Vejur was "learning all that is learnable" from one end of the empire to the other.
Now if they'd shown a wide, gaping hole in the galaxy where V'ger had just cleaned out everything in its path, then perhaps we'd get some sense of danger that it poses the Federation. When sitting at the theater in Mableton in 1979, watching V'ger destroy three Klingon battlecruisers, the audience actually CHEERED.

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Of course you could try to rationalize that the poor ol' Klingons probably never realized how big the thing was...
How could they not?
Then it's pointless for them to attack. And they act as though they'd never seen V'ger before, not as though they were trying to extract revenge on it.

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...but really, bad writing is bad writing.
Or perhaps the writers didn't feel that the audience of 1979 would need every little answer spoonfed to them.
I don't need spoonfeeding. I need a logical storyline and progression of events, something that the movie failed to achieve, despite being a blatant remake of a reasonable episode.

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I know I had no trouble ascribing motivation to the Klingons when the movie was released.
72 AUs in diameter. Three battlecruisers.... I've no problem with imaging the Klingons would love to attack. I just refuse to think of them as this stupid.

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If Warp 7 were 7 to the 3rd power times lightspeed (as the old Making of Star Trek implied), and the cloud were standing still, it'd take .99 minutes to go from the outside to the center. If it's coming at you at warp 7, halve that. The film implies a "conic section flight path" which means heading towards the center of the cloud as it passes and then overtaking from behind, so the time it would take really depends on the approach vector (how far off center of the cloud's course) and how fast the cloud was going.
You believe that the Enterprise was traveling within the cloud at Warp Speed? Ooooh, I'm not sure I've ever considered that because of the inherit danger in traveling in such an energy cloud (remember, it's generating the same amount of energy as the sun) at such a rate of speed.
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